I am looking for a job. What should I do?

If you don't have one already, prepare a resume. This should summarize your strengths and experience, but be no more than a page or two. Remember this is the one chance that you have to convince a potential employer that you are the right person for their company. If you are targeting a specific job or a specific company, spend some time making sure that your resume highlights why you are the perfect fit for that company or position.

Spend some time going through the listing of current opportunities that ISCI has available right now. You can search by state, then sort by the title or the skills needed for that job. Click on the job number to see more details about that job.

I am a perfect fit for the job. What should I do?

Send us your resume and the job number that you are interested in.

What Can I Expect from Information Systems Consultants, Inc.?

One of our friendly recruiters will review your resume and look to see if you are a match for any of the jobs that ISCI is currently looking to fill. Once a potential job has been located for you, the recruiter will contact you to discuss the job. The recruiter will share some of the details of the job, a pay rate, and any additional requirements that the hiring company has requested.

If you are interested in pursuing the job, some information about you will be entered into the ISCI database. This information will include information about you, like your name and address and how we should contact you. Information about your education and experience are also collected. Your social security number is required to apply for one of the jobs listed. Also necessary will be the names and phone numbers for two references -- people that you have worked for in the past.

The recruiter will take all of this information, and create a job application for you. ISCI will send your application for the job directly to the company. The company will review your application and determine what happens next. They may decide that they want to interview you, they may request some additional information about you.

Somewhere in here should be information about drug testing, background checks, right-to-work checking and the technical testing for candidates.

And, you, as a job seeker, never pay a fee!