How we approach your projects
Information Systems Consultants, Inc. has the experience and insight to deliver a comprehensive project plan that supports the business objectives of the client. Each project is defined as a combination of management tasks:

Scope Management

Information Systems Consultants, Inc. manages scope by understanding the needs, requirements and objectives of the Client. This understanding produces the final working project plan.

The objectives of managing project scope are to:
  1. Define clearly the work that will be carried out during the course of the project. This allows the project to be clearly communicated and understood by all stakeholders in order to set expectations correctly.
  2. Provide the baseline to assess the impact of user-requested changes.
  3. Allow the work to be broken down into manageable units.
  4. Collect and document project objectives and requirements, insuring successful completion.

Change Management
Information Systems Consultants, Inc. defines change management as the process by which changes are identified, evaluated, authorized and implemented. A change is any alteration to the current agreed scope of a project. Change management allows for the introduction of new technologies and standards as the project evolves. Through change management all stakeholders in the project understand the evolving workflow and communication processes of the project, and adjust expectations accordingly.

Resource Management
Through resource management, Information Systems Consultants, Inc. identifies and provides the right resource, at the right time, to accomplish the desired task. Resource management includes human resources as well as the equipment, software, and facilities necessary to complete the project

Schedule Management
Information Systems Consultants, Inc. manages schedules to provide the necessary information to make effective time-sensitive decisions. This process provides an effective approach to managing the uncertainty that comes when a project's timelines change.

Risk Management
Information Systems Consultants, Inc. manages risk through experience, applicable knowledge and a history of success to negate adverse project outcomes. Identifying risk is in an ongoing process throughout the life of a project; we integrate all stakeholders' historical information at each project phase to minimize risk.

Cost Management
Information Systems Consultants, Inc. approach to controlling cost is strict adherence to project management best practices. When timelines and resource management are held to specifications, then projects complete on time and within budget. We manage cost effectively by following the client organization's financial procedures.

Issue Management
Information Systems Consultants, Inc. leverages experience and professionalism to process and deliver solutions to issues that arise. Issue management addresses current occurring problems (unlike risk management that addresses possible issues). Through issue management, ISCI recognizes, evaluates, records, communicates, resolves and tracks threats to the project.

Communications Management
Information Systems Consultants, Inc. manages communication by interacting with project stakeholders to ensure information is conveyed timely and effectively; and to provide the opportunity for discussion and feedback. This produces consistent messages to all stakeholders.

Quality Assurance Management
Information Systems Consultants, Inc. views Quality Assurance as encompassing all of the other management tasks. Specifically QA ensures that all check lists, required signatures, and deliverables are on time, on budget, and meet specifications.

ISCI Quality Assurance Managers are expert in defining the project plan that leverages the client's current investments to deliver cost-effective technology solutions. Each phase of the project is meticulously monitored and documented to ensure project compliance. Information Systems Consultants Inc.'s integrated management methodology results in the successful completion of projects.